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AMKM Announcements 1/6

Good Afternoon!

****please read thoroughly, lots of info!!

Our first meet of the season is this weekend! Please take some time to review the meet policies at the bottom of this email!

Worker Assignments have been made and are now on the Worker Sign Up Sheet.

We still have some sessions where we need help, if you have not signed up and are able, please contact us. You are no longer able to edit the sheet, so you must contact us!

Meet Set Up is Friday, January 8th from 8am to 3pm

Meet Clean Up is Sunday, January 10th following the conclusion of Session 9 at approximately 6pm.

AMKM January Shine Bright Invite- Worker Sign Up: Worker Assignments have been made and are now on the Worker Sign Up Sheet. Workers must check-in at the admissions table upon arrival to the meet! Please be prompt! If you have any questions, let us know!

Worker Sign Up Link:

Team Pictures: Team Pictures will be held on February 5th at 5pm sharp. They will be taken by The Studio at The Avenue! We will send out the order forms and link to the online ordering store once they are provided! Attendance for individual pictures for the full team collage and attendance for your Level Group picture is required. You are not required to purchase photos or take a separate individual photo from the collage. Competition leotards and black masks are required for team pictures. We ask only one (1) parent or guardian attend pictures with your gymnast. Masks are required for any parent or guardian attending.

Meet Fees Due in January:

Feb 26th-28th: Great Lakes Gymnastics Vacation Classic: Deerfield, IL OPTIONAL AAU

AAU Fees: Levels 1-5: $140 Level 6-10: $140 Due: Jan 7th

Feb 26th-28th: Great Lakes Gymnastics Vacation Classic: Deerfield, IL USA REQUIRED

USA Fees: Levels 1-5: $160 Level 6-10: $175 Due: Jan 7th

March 5th-7th: Field of Dreams: Des Moines, IA AAU OPTIONAL

AAU Fees: Levels 1-5: $145 Level 6-10: $145 Due: Jan 7th

March 5th-7th: Field of Dreams: Des Moines, IA USA REQUIRED

USA Fees: Levels 1-5: $165 Level 6-10: $180 Due: Jan 7th

Meet Times:

AMKM Shine Bright Invite: January 8th, 9th & 10th: AMKM Gymnastics at The Avenue: 1415 West Wisconsin St Sparta, WI ***Masks required, Limit ONE (1) Spectator

AAU Schedule

Friday, January 8th

Recreational Showcase- 6pm to 8pm (***2 spectators are allowed for the Showcase ONLY)

Saturday, January 9th

Session 1: Level 1 (Jameson, Finley, Ella, Kirya, Raelynn)

Open Stretch: 8:00am to 8:20am

Awards: 10:00am

Session 2: Level 2 (Olivia, Avery, Tessa, Coyah, Brystol, Emma, Marian, Jaelyn, Jocelyn, Elenah, Payten)

Open Stretch: 10:00am to 10:20am

Awards: 12:00pm

Session 3: Level 3; Age 9, Age 11, Age 12, Age 13 (Charli, Brenna, Megan, Payten P., Peyton B., Carlee, Lillyan, Kaylee, Morgan, Violet, Mya)

Open Stretch: 12:00pm to 12:20pm

Awards: 2:20pm

Session 4: Level 3; Age 7, Age 8, Age 10 & Level 5 (Sofiya, Hadley, Anya)

Open Stretch: 2:20pm to 2:40pm

Awards: 5:00pm

Session 5: Level 7 , Level 8 , Level 9/Open Optional (Marlena, Gabby, Isabell, Savannah)

Open Stretch: 5:00pm to 5:20pm

Awards: 8:20pm

Sunday, January 10th

Session 6: Level 4 (Zoe, Emma, Kalli)

Open Stretch: 8:00am to 8:20am

Awards: 10:40am

Session 7: Level 6 (Amelia)

Open Stretch: 10:40am to 11am

Awards: 1:40pm

Session 8: Xcel Gold (Grace)

Open Stretch: 1:40pm to 2pm

Awards: 4:20pm

Lake Geneva Vacation Classic: January 16th-17th Grand Geneva Resort 7036 Grand Geneva Way Lake Geneva, WI ***Masks required, Admission tickets are sold by CASH at the door. Admission is per day. $15 For Adults (Ages 13-64), $10 for Children (Ages 5-12), $10 for Seniors (Ages 65+), and FREE for children age 4 and under. **No awards ceremony will be held.

USA Schedule

Saturday, January 16th

Level 4: (Emma, Kalli)

Open Stretch: 7:15pm End: 9:15pm

Sunday, January 17th

Level 8, 9, 10: (Gabby, Isabell)

Open Stretch: 2:30pm End: 5:00pm

AAU Schedule

Saturday, January 16th

Level 1, 2, 3, XS: (Brenna, Tessa, Peyton B., Lillyan, Anya)

Open Stretch: 8:00am End: 9:45am

Level 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Open Optional, Xcel Gold: (Grace, Kalli, Emma L.)

Open Stretch: 10:15am End: 12:45pm

Altius Pink Meet: January 22nd, 23rd & 24th Altius Gymnastics 9670 S Franklin Dr Franklin, WI ***Masks required, Limit ONE (1) Spectator

USA Schedule

Friday, January 22nd

Level 4: 9 yrs., 11 yrs., 12 yrs. (Emma)

Open Stretch: 12:45pm

Awards: 2:45pm

Level 4: 8 yrs; 10 yrs., 13 + (Kalli)

Open Stretch: 3:30pm

Awards: 5:35pm

Saturday, January 23rd

Level 9 & 10: (Gabby)

Open Stretch: 1:30pm

Awards: 3:50pm

Meet Policies

  • Meet Fees: Meet information and deadlines are sent out via email and posted on the website as soon as we receive the invitation. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to ensure they are signing up their gymnasts for the correct meets and paying meet fees on time. Meet fees are nonrefundable and must be paid in advance of the meet. We register gymnasts for meets solely based on the parent sign up list, so it is imperative that parents are aware of what they are signing up for - if a gymnasts name is on the sign up list, they are charged for the meet, regardless of attendance. We typically are required to register and pay for gymnasts a minimum of one month in advance of the meet, but sometimes as many as six months in advance to ensure space. We ask that parents communicate with us about any questions or concerns regarding meet sign ups.

  • Arriving to Meets: BE ON TIME! On time is being ready for the coaches to call you out to the floor at least 15 minutes prior to your open stretch/ gym opens start time. ***This may fluctuate a bit depending on meet rules, but plan to be this early even if it means waiting in the car*** If you arrive after that, you are late.

  • Please arrive early to your session to use the bathroom, check in, find a place to sit, etc.- being late causes stress on the gymnasts and coaches- please plan your travel time accordingly!!

  • Please be dressed and ready to go before you get to the meet. (leotard on, warmups on, mask on, hair up with scrunchie)

  • Warm-Up Jackets are to be zipped ¾ of the way up, do not zip tight to the neck. Please fold the collar down neatly.

  • Hair must be done in a high (above the ears) tight bun with your scrunchie & sprayed back neatly at the face and neck. (do not secure hair with only your scrunchie, it will fall out. **hair is to be put in tight so it does not fall out**

  • Hair items other than your scrunchie must be of a natural color- black, clear, nude. (our leotards are accented in black, so black hair bands are preferred)

  • Undergarments: Bras must be NUDE- Underwear must be NUDE (neither of these items should be showing as it results in a deduction- try them on with your leotard prior to arriving to the meet!) **undergarments are optional.

  • Gymnasts may wear glitter hairspray and makeup but not in excess.

  • No nail polish


  • If your child uses grips, wrist supports, braces, etc. it is their responsibility to bring those items with them to competitions.

  • Coaches will gather the gymnasts for the session & take them out as a group- Gymnasts/ Spectators should never be in competition areas without a coach- this can result in disqualification!

  • DO NOT send your gymnast to find a coach or out in the competition area unless instructed to do so by a coach.

  • Shoes/ socks are to be left with parents/ guardian or placed into your duffle bag/ back pack (only AMKM bags are allowed to be on the competition floor)

    • Name must be on your water bottle

  • Spectators should never be in the competition area for any reason. Please be respectful of the competition boundaries.

    • If there is ever an issue at a meet, please connect with a coach - do not enter the competitive area.

    • Our phones are available for emergencies only during a meet - please be respectful of this and if necessary, please text versus call if possible.

  • Please be respectful to competition, let your gymnast focus rather than waving and trying to get their attention.

  • Wear your AMKM Apparel to show your support for these great gymnasts!!!

If you have any questions, please let us know!



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