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The Avenue

1415 West Wisconsin St

Sparta, WI 54656

The Farm

5271 Magnolia Ave

Rockland, WI 54653


Resgister Now for the 2023-2024 School Year Session! 

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23.24 School Year Session Begins Aug 28th, 2023

23.24 School Year Session Ends May 23rd, 2023​



If you are feeling ill, please stay home.  You can report an absence on the form above or send us an email at



Please watch your emails and social media pages on days of inclement weather for updates on closings.




October 31st: No Class- Halloween

November 10th: Team Pictures at The Studio 

November 23rd: No Class- Thanksgiving

December 25th-Jan 1st: No Class- Christmas Break

January 2nd: Classes Resume

January 5th: AMKM Recreational Showcase

January 6th-7th: AMKM Shine Bright Invite

March 25th-29th: No Class- Spring Break

April 5th: AMKM Recreational Showcase

April 6th-7th: AMKM Keep Your Balance Invite

May 23rd: Last Day of School Year Session


​23.24 Team Registration has now closed!

Join us in May of 2024 for Team Try-outs! 

Rec Showcases

Email to register today!

January Showcase: January 5, 2024: (registration fees are charged to your online account on the sign up deadline)

January Showcase Flyer:

April Showcase: April 5, 2024: (registration fees are charged to your online account on the sign up deadline)

April Showcase Flyer:

About AMKM Gymnastics

Named after its four coaches, Amanda, Meghan, Kelsey, and Molly, AMKM Gymnastics began as a gym just for them thanks to their parents, Terry and Susan Arentz.  Their dedication and commitment helped start the tradition of gymnastics excellence that continues today!

Our Mission
AMKM Gymnastics strives to provide gymnasts the opportunity to develop their talents in a safe and positive environment.  Every gymnast deserves success and we help provide that opportunity! 

Safe Sport Commitment

AMKM believes in providing a safe environment for all of our students and as such follows the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy.

For more information on the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy or USA Gymnastics Safe Sport process
please visit or contact the
Safe Sport Department at

U.S. Center for SafeSport Reporting Portal

Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport 

AMKM Family 2022.jpg

At AMKM Gymnastics, we take great pride in the instruction we provide every gymnast. Our coaching staff not only has a valuable background to provide great instruction but each coach truly cares about providing the best experience for each and every gymnast we see. Our coaches are not just working to help gymnasts get new skills, they are dedicated to helping gymnasts become confident and successful individuals in and out of the gym! 

Amanda Langrehr




The oldest of the sisters, Amanda has been involved in gymnastics for nearly 20 years, with over a decade of experience competing and coaching through USAIGC, AAU, and USA gymnastics programs. In addition to coaching, she also judges WIAA high school gymnastics.

Meghan Arentz




Meghan has been involved in gymnastics for over 20 years as an athlete and coach through USAIGC, AAU, and USA Gymnastics. She has attended numerous national training camps and clinics, and is an amazing choreographer.

Kelsey Giraud



Kelsey has been involved in gymnastics for over 15 years as an athlete and coach through USAIGC, AAU, and USA Gymnastics. Her favorite event is floor, and specializes in choreography on this event.

Molly Arentz




Molly has been doing gymnastics since she was 4 years old and has over  a decade of coaching experience with AAU and USA Gymnastics. She has a passion for helping gymnasts find their strengths and enjoys choreographing routines. Molly also judges WIAA high school gymnastics.

Susan Arentz




Susan is the foundation of the AMKM program. With over 20 years of gymnastics experience as a parent, coach, and gym owner, Susan has become the "gym mom" to all of our gymnasts providing support to every gymnast that walks in the door!

Amanda Arentz



Amanda is new to gymnastics, but brings a fresh new outlook on everything she does. She is excited to work with our younger gymnasts in building important life skills through the love of gymnastics!

Ella Hemker



Ella is new to coaching but brings years of competitive experience to our program. Ella qualified all the way to Level 10 and is still competing through High School and AAU Gymnastics. She is excited to work with our younger gymnasts in building important life skills through the love of gymnastics!

Hailee Zimmerman


Hailee is now coaching Recreational classes at The Avenue!  She is a former AMKM Gymnast who competed AAU, USA and High School gymnastics!  Hailee does a wonderful job of engaging with students and helping them meet their goals!  


AMKM at The Avenue

1415 W Wisconsin Street

Sparta, WI 54656

AMKM at The Farm

5271 Magnolia Ave

Rockland, WI 54653




Thanks for submitting!


Giving back to the community has always been integral to the vision of AMKM Gymnastics.  Every year, we receive many requests for charitable donations and sponsorships from lots of great people and organizations. While we would love to be able to help everyone, we cannot feasibly do so. If your request fits our guidelines, we will review your application and respond as soon as possible.


AMKM Gymnastics/The Avenue Donation Policy

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting your request.

  1. Please allow a minimum of 6 weeks for return communication on your request.

  2. Our committee meets every 4-6 weeks to process pending requests and allocate any available funds.

  3. AMKM Gymnastics/The Avenue donates in a variety of ways; we reserve the right to assign donations as the committee sees fit.

  4. Approved recipients may be limited to ONE donation within a 12 month period.

  5. AMKM Gymnastics/The Avenue reserves the right to accept or deny any donation or scholarship.

  6. Plesae email your donation request:

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