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AMKM Announcements 6/27

Good Afternoon!

It’s Nationals week! Good Luck to all the AMKM Gymnasts competing this week and safe travels to all! Be sure to follow along on Facebook & Instagram!

Below you will find information on practice leotard orders, team contracts, summer performances and Nationals information!

***Reminder*** No Classes June 28th-July 4th. We are only open Monday next week and will resume classes on Tuesday, July 5th.

AMKM Practice Leotard Order: Orders are due July 7th at 8pm. Orders must be returned via email on an order form, or they will not be accepted. These items are optional!

Nationals Item Pickup: If you have not picked up your national leos, apparel or scrunchies, please make arrangements to pick these up today!!

***Scrunchies were made to match the WI tank leos. They are available for pickup at both locations.

Nationals Extra Practice: If your gymnast is attending Nationals we are offering a complimentary extra practice from 6pm to 8pm on Monday at The Avenue! Please confirm via email if you will be adding this class!

2022-2023 School Year Session Classes: The 2022-2023 School Year Session is now open for registration! Register early to guarantee your spot! All registration is done online at

Summer Community Performances with AMKM: We will be participating in summer community events again this year! These events are open to all AMKM members- recreational & team!! We will be participating inthe La Crosse Interstate Fair and Bangor Fun Daze! Click the link for more details and to sign your child up today!

2022-2023 Team Contracts: Below you will find the links for the 2022-2023 Team Contracts! These are due back to us via email no later than September 1st!

USA Team Contract (Tessa L., Kalli G., Emma L., Gabby B.):

Meet Times:

AAU National Championships: June 28th- July 3rd Bank of Springfield Convention Center 1 Convention Center Plaza Springfield, IL 62701

***Admission: Daily Pass: $17 Adult $10 Child (age 5-12) 2 Day Pass: $27 Adult $17 Child (age 5-12) 3 Days or More Pass: $35 Adult $25 Child (5-12)

***Parking: Parking BOS Arena $7.00

***Hotels: Here is the list of hotels provided by AAU. This includes contact and pricing information, along with the AAU codes for booking! You are not required to stay at these hotels but they are a great cost saving option!

AAU Schedule

Final Schedule

Wednesday, June 29th

Gym A Red: Level 2: (Ella O.)

Open Stretch: 12:00pm Awards: To follow session

Gym A Red: Level 2: (Finley, Maiya, Quinn)

Open Stretch: 2:45pm Awards: To follow session

Gym A Red: Level 2: (Savana N.)

Open Stretch: 5:30pm Awards: To follow session

Thursday, June 30th

Gym A Red: Level 1: (Jamesen, Anelin)

Open Stretch: 8:00am Awards: To follow session

Gym A Red: Level 3: (Avery, Kirya)

Open Stretch: 10:45am Awards: To follow session

Gym A Red: Level 3: (Grace O.)

Open Stretch: 1:30pm Awards: To follow session

Friday, July 1st

Gym A Red: Level 4: (Tessa, Anya, Hadley, Peyton B.)

Open Stretch: 8:00am Awards: To follow session

Gym A Red: Level 5, 7: (Kalli, Emma L.)

Open Stretch: 11:00am Awards: To follow session

Gym A Red: Level 6: (Lillyan)

Open Stretch: 2:00pm Awards: To follow session

Gym A Red: Xcel Diamond, Level 8, Open Optional (Marlena, Gabby, Isabell, Ella H., Savannah C.)

Open Stretch: 5:00pm Awards: To follow session

Saturday, July 2nd

Gym B Blue: Xcel Gold: (Sofiya, Elenah)

Open Stretch: 8:00am Awards: To follow session

Gym B Blue: Xcel Gold: (Grace G., Laila)

Open Stretch: 11:00am Awards: To follow session

Gym B Blue: Xcel Gold: (Mya, Morgan, Violet)

Open Stretch: 2:00pm Awards: To follow session

Gym Treasures Online Store: We are offerings a few new apparel items with an online store through Gym Treasures! The store will remain open for the rest of the year! Payment is done at the time of ordering and items will be shipped directly to you!

2021-2022 Meet Schedule

***last updated 5/12/22

AAU Schedule

June 28-July 3: AAU Nationals: Springfield Illinois AAU OPTIONAL

Hotel Info: Not available yet

***Fees paid, schedule posted.

Important Dates: 22.23

June 28th-July 4th: No Classes

July 11th: Summer Fun Camp at The Avenue

July 18th-22nd: No Classes

July 20th: La Crosse Interstate Fair Performance

August 1st-5th: Team Camp at The Farm

August 13th: Bangor Fun Daze Performance

August 19th: End of Summer Bash at The Avenue & Final Level Placements

August 22nd- 26th: No Classes

August 29th: School Year Session Begins

September 1st: Meet Sign Up Sheets & Team Contracts Due

September 5th: Labor Day- No Classes

October 31st: Halloween- No Classes

November 24th: Thanksgiving- No Classes

December 12th- Friday, December 16th: All Classes held at The Avenue

December 26th-Friday, December 30th: Closed for Christmas & New Years

January 6th: Recreational Showcase

January 7th-8th: AMKM Shine Bright Invite

March 10th: Recreational Showcase

March 11th-12th: AMKM Keep Your Balance Invite

May 26th: Last Day of School Year Session

Please let us know if you have any questions!



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