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AMKM Announcements 2/8

Good Afternoon!

Below you will find details about our home meet in March! You will find the schedule along with the volunteer sign-up sheet!

AMKM Keep Your Balance Invite Volunteer Sheet: We need your help!! Please click on the link to sign up to work or donate a basket for our March Home Meet & Showcase! Please consider working more than one session!! All Team families are expected to work during meet weekend!

**If you need help signing up, please email us for assistance!

Meet Set Up: Friday, March 10th from 8am to 3pm **there is no sign up for this

Meet Clean Up: Follows the conclusion of Session 10 at 3:15pm Sunday, March 12th **there is no sign up for this

Worker Sign-Up: Use this tab to sign up to work at the meet!

Raffle Basket Donation: Use this tab to sign up to donate a raffle basket!

Job Tasks: Use this tab to see what workers tasks are!

Concessions & Coaches room items will be provided by AMKM Gymnastics.

Meet Times:

AMKM Gymnastics Keep Your Balance Invite: March 10th-12th AMKM Gymnastics 1415 West Wisconsin St Sparta, WI 54656

***Admission: Free!

AAU Schedule

Friday, March 10th

Recreational Showcase: 6pm to 8pm

Saturday, March 11th

Level 1, Level 2; Age 8 (Isabella, Andie, Madelynn, Harper, Abilene, Anelin, Aliyah, Eden, Caleah)

Open Stretch: 8:00am Awards: 9:45am

Level 2; Age 5-6, 9-11 (Scarlett, Finley, Quinn, Lydia, Ainsley)

Open Stretch: 9:45am Awards: 11:30am

Level 2; Age 7, Xcel Bronze(Jamesen, Emory)

Open Stretch: 11:30am Awards: 1:15pm

Level 3; Age 6-9 (McKenzie, Ella O., Kirya, Avery)

Open Stretch: 1:15pm Awards: 3:10pm

Level 3; Age 10-14 (Maiya C., Emma M.)

Open Stretch: 3:10pm Awards: 5:05pm

Xcel Silver (No AMKM Gymnasts)

Open Stretch: 5:05pm Awards: 7:00pm

Level 4, Level 5 (Tessa, Brenna, Hadley, Grace O.)

Open Stretch: 7:00pm Awards: 9:30pm

Sunday, March 12th

Level 6, Level 7 (Zoe, Anya T., Kalli, Emma L., Anya L.)

Open Stretch: 8:00am Awards: 10:45am

Xcel Gold (Savana, Sofiya, Elenah, Cayla, Megan, Bailey)

Open Stretch: 10:45am Awards: 12:45pm

Xcel Platinum, Xcel Diamond, Level 8, Open Optional (Gabby, Isabell, Ella H., Laila, Morgan, Mya M., Amelia, Marlena, Jenna)

Open Stretch: 12:45pm Awards: 3:15pm

Please let us know if you have any questions!



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