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AMKM Announcements 4/13

Good Afternoon!!

Join us LIVE on Facebook & Instagram at 7pm tonight & for the ZOOM meeting at 8pm tonight! 

New Leotards:  Leotards for gymnasts registered for the 2020 AMKM Home Meet have been mailed out!  We hope you have received yours!  Be sure to send us or post a ‘New Leo Pic’ by Saturday, April 18th!  We will be posting our New Leo Monday post on Monday, April 20th!  Be sure to tag us if you post on Facebook or Instagram!  A vertical, clear picture works best!  We can’t wait to see everyone in their new leos!! 

Live Online Facebook & Instagram Workouts:  Each Monday we will do a live workout at 7pm!  These workouts will look very similar to the workouts we shared with the group on Facebook.  We will mix it up here and there along with adding bonus items at the end of each workout. These are meant to be a fun time for gymnasts and their families to get active. We hope you can join us live or watch it back at a time that works for you & your gymnasts!

Zoom Meetings:  We will be hosting a Zoom meeting on Mondays, following the live workout!  The Zoom meeting will take place at approximately 8pm each Monday. A zoom meeting allows all participants to see and interact with each other!  It is a great way for all of us to stay connected! Here is the link for the Zoom meetings- this link should work each Monday: 

Topic: AMKM Gymnastics - Team Zoom

Time: Monday - 8:00 PM 

Meeting ID: 771 490 920

Ozone Leotards & Nastia Liukin Gymnastics Relief Program

To the families of AMKM Gymnastics,

In light of what has transpired with COVID-19 and its impact on our club, we are committed to our athletes and families to survive this difficult time together. We cannot wait for the day that we're able to open our doors again, and to share in the joy that gymnastics brings to all of us. To that end, OZONE Leotards and Nastia Liukin have combined forces to help clubs like us survive during these uncertain times.

They have launched the OZONE and Nastia Liukin Gymnastics Club Relief Program. This is a program that will create a monthly revenue stream through the purchasing power of our families. When you shop The Nastia Liukin Legacy Collection, a collection of leotards designed by Nastia herself, a portion of EACH purchase will go directly to supporting AMKM Gymnastics.  Every month, OZONE will release a new set of leotards in The Nastia Liukin Legacy Collection. If everyone in the gym buys one leotard a month, it will generate substantial sums each month for our club, allowing us to persevere through this time. With that said, we are all hurting right now. Some of you will not be able to participate, and that’s ok. If you are able to help, please do so knowing that you are directly impacting our ability to keep our doors open. And, you'll receive a beautiful leotard! 

The OZONE and Nastia Liukin Gymnastics Club Relief Program will run now throughout the end of the summer. We'll email you each time a new collection is available! You can find the first collection by going to The Nastia Liukin Legacy Collection Please be patient with the receipt of your leotard. Under current conditions, OZONE cannot commit to any specific turnaround times. Your efforts will be a huge support through this uncertain time. Together, we will overcome this! 

Mike Martinez  President, OZONE Gymnastics Apparel

Class Tuition/ Make-ups:  No class tuition will be charged until we are able to open!  Make-ups for March will be determined once we are able to open!

AAU Meet Updates

Rainbow Spectacular – Cancelled- Refunds are pending and will be added back to team accounts when finalized.

Badger State Games/Hub City – Cancelled- Refunds are pending and will be added back to team accounts when finalized.

AAU State Meet - Cancelled - no information on refunds yet.

AAU Regionals – Cancelled – no accounts were charged for this meet.  

AAU Nationals – Cancelled- Refunds are pending and will be added back to team accounts when finalized.

USAG Meets: 

USAG State: Cancelled - Refunds are pending and will be added back to team accounts when finalized.

USAG Regionals Level 6-7 & 8-10: All Regional Events are cancelled- no accounts were charged for these meets.  

Please let us know if you have any questions!



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