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AMKM Announcements 6/1

Good Afternoon!

Busy Day Today!! Today is the final day to sign up for Team, order Nationals apparel & it is Competition Garment sizing day at The Farm!!

Below you will find details on 2021-2023 Competition Garments! Full pricing, designs and agreements are all below!

**Store Closes TODAY**Nationals Apparel: Here is the link for AAU Nationals Apparel! Ordering and payment is all online! The store is open now until June 1st.

P&P Products: Link is Click "Store" at the top of the page for ordering!

**Sizing is TODAY**Competition Garment Sizing: We will be holding Competition Garment sizing opportunities on June 1st & June 5th. You are welcome to attend either time! These are the only times available, so please be sure to make time in your schedule to come in to try on sizers and fill out your order sheet! A parent or approved guardian must attend to approve sizing and sign the garment agreement.

****PLEASE HAVE YOUR GYMNAST WEAR A LEO TO GARMENT SIZING!! This will help with easy try ons and getting everyone through in a timely manner!

Sizing Times:

Tuesday, June 1st- @The Farm (5271 Magnolia Ave Rockland, WI) 4pm to 6pm

Saturday, June 5th- @The Avenue (1415 West Wisconsin St Sparta, WI) 9am to 12pm

Order Deadlines:

Saturday, June 5th- Competition Garment Order Deadline

Thursday, June 10th- Competition Garment Order Payment Deadline

Competition Garment Details: Below you will find links for the pricing, agreements and design samples. For 2021-2023 Competition Garments, ALL levels have the choice between Leotard#1 (stones) and Leotard #2 (sequins). Choose the best leotard to fit your gymnasts’ style and your budget! On the garment order, orders are being placed for leotards, warmup sets & backpacks. This is the only time to order these items for the 2021-2022 season. We will not be placing any additional orders for these items until June of 2022.

NEW for this year- Competition Bundle!! Order a Competition Leotard, Warm Up Set, Backpack and get a FREE TANK LEO!!

---Thursday, June 10th- Competition Garment Order Payment Deadline


Leotard #1 (stones): $300

Leotard #2 (sequins): $200

Warm Up Set: $150

Backpack: $90

Garment Agreement Link: (there will be copies available at sizing times for you to fill out)

Garment Pricing, Design & Bundle Link:

Please let us know if you have any questions!



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