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AMKM Announcements 9/29- Competition Garment Pickup

Good Morning!

Scrunchies are complete!! Thank you so much to Katie, Crystal, Angie, Grace, Ella, Amity, Coyah, Aubree, Kendall, Jackie, Payten, Braden & Handley for helping get all the scrunchies done yesterday!!

Competition Garments: Competition Garments are in! They are ready for pickup at The Farm & The Avenue!


  1. Pickup by a parent or guardian is preferred. We will send them with your child if you email giving permission. Permission must be given in advance.

  2. Pickup will ONLY be available at the immediate start of your child’s class or the immediate finish of your child’s class. Coaches will hand out garments, please do not grab items without coach approval.

  3. Bags Tags: If you ordered a backpack, a bag tag is already secured to your backpack. If you did not order a new backpack, you will find a bag tag in your leotard bag. Please secure this to the AMKM bag you plan to use for meets for easy identification at meets!

  4. Scrunchies: 1 scrunchie is included with your garments. If you wish to purchase an extra one, stop by the front desk at The Avenue, $20/ each. (The Farm: let us know if you want an extra and we can bring one for you!)

  5. Practice Leotards: If you ordered the bundle, your practice leotard is in your leotard bag.

  6. Try your items on when you get home!

  7. Send us a picture! We would love to see your kids in their new competition garments! Tag AMKM Gymnastics & Ozone Leotards on social media!

***Note: if you were a late add to the order, your items are not in yet.***

If you have any questions, please let us know!



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