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AMKM Announcements- Team Pictures

Good Afternoon!

Below you will find details for Team Pictures! The Studio has provided a schedule for level arrival times. Please be prompt to your time so we can stay on schedule!

Team Pictures: Team Pictures will be on Friday, September 23rd starting at 4pm. They will be held at The Studio in downtown La Crosse, WI this year! Below you will find information on ordering along with directions!

Attire/ Hair: Competition Leotards will be worn for pictures. Warm-Up sets are not needed unless you want them for your individual photo. Hair can be styled to your liking. Makeup and jewelry may be worn but keep it tasteful and age appropriate. Nail polish should complement your leotard if being worn. Undergarments should be meet appropriate if being worn.


Friday, September 23rd - 4pm at The Studio - groups/collage/individuals

4:00pm: Levels 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 (Levels 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 will be photographed as one group) 4:20pm: Xcel Diamond 4:40pm: Xcel Gold 5:00pm: Level 1 5:20pm: Level 2 5:40pm: Level 3

From The Studio…


We're looking forward to photographing your gymnast at The Studio on Friday, September 23rd starting at 4pm (see schedule below). The Studio is located at 419 Main Street in downtown La Crosse (directly across the street from The Wedding Tree). Google maps link: Off street parking may be available in State Bank parking spots marked 115-119 (directly behind our building to the left of the drive thru area in front of an ivy wall). Parents can print off the attached form and submit it with their payment on picture day if they'd prefer not to order online. They can call us directly with any questions.

4:00pm: Levels 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 (Levels 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 will be photographed as one group) 4:20pm: Xcel Diamond 4:40pm: Xcel Gold 5:00pm: Level 1 5:20pm: Level 2 5:40pm: Level 3

We've created an online store so you can place your order before the photo shoot and not have to send the form or payment with your gymnast on picture day. For orders placed within 3 hours of the photo shoot, please either bring a copy of your order or your order #.

NOTE: All gymnasts will be photographed for the group and for the collage. Only those gymnasts who turn in the attached form or order online before the photo shoot will be photographed as an individual.

Simply select your package(s) from the drop-down menu. You'll have a chance to clarify anything on your order before you check out.

There are group and individual packages, individual only packages, and group only packages. They are listed below for your reference. You'll find the order form attached.

View product samples:

TEAM AND INDIVIDUAL PACKAGES PKG A1: 1-4x6 (indiv) + 1-5x7 (group) $27 PKG A2: 8x10 composite (includes individual and team) $27 PKG B1: 2-4x6, 8 wallets, 2 pin, 2 magnet buttons (indiv) + 1-5x7 (group) $47 PKG B2: 8x10 composite, 1-4x6, 8 wallets, 2 pin, 2 magnet buttons $47 PKG C1: 1-5x7 (indiv) + 1-8x10 (group) $31 PKG C2: 10x13 collage (includes individual and team) $31 PKG D1: 2-5x7, 16 wallets 2 pin, 2 magnet buttons (indiv) + 1-8x10 (group) $57 PKG D2: 10x13 composite, 1-5x7, 16 wallets, 2 pin, 2 magnet buttons $57 INDIVIDUAL ONLY PACKAGES PKG E: 1-8x10 (indiv) $21 PKG F: 2-5x7 (indiv) $21 PKG G: 1-5x7, 2-4x6 (indiv) $21 PKG H: 1-5x7, 4 wallets (indiv) $21 PKG I: 4-4x6 (indiv) $21 PKG J: 4 wallets (indiv) $15 PKG K: 8 wallets (indiv) $21 PKG L1: 1 PIN BACK button, 2-4x6 (indiv) $21 PKG L2: 1 MAGNET BACK button, 2-4x6 (indiv) $21

PKG M: 2 keychains $17 PKG N1: 2 buttons (pin back) $17 PKG N2: 2 buttons (magnet back) $17 TEAM ONLY PACKAGES PKG O: 1-8x10 (group) $20 PKG P: 1-5x7 (group) $18 PKG Q: 12x18 poster (group or individual) $28

PKG S: 10x20 Collage / Unframed $28

PKG T: 10x20 Collage / Framed $56

Please let us know if you have any questions at all. Thank you and have a great day!




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Studio Hours:

Mon-Fri - 9-5 | Sat by appt | Closed Sun

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