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AMKM Announcements- Time Change at The Avenue/ Competition Garments/ Day Camps

Good Afternoon!

         We hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend!

Class Time Change at The Avenue:  There is an adjustment to times at The Avenue. Now that everyone has the routine down for check ins, we are bumping up the start time of the second class by 15 minutes. So if you were in a 6:30 class at the Avenue, the NEW CLASS TIME at the Avenue is 6:15-7:15. This will be effective for the rest of the summer session. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Competition Garments:  We will be ordering any needed competition garments this Friday, July 10th.  If you are new to the team or changed levels, you already received an email with instructions.  If you are a current team member and need new garments, please reach out to us asap so we can get you on the list!  Due to COVID-19, no size runs can be sent out this year. 

This will be the only order placed, so please try on your items and order anything needed!

Day Camps:  Don’t forget to register for Day Camps today!  We have Day Camps running at The Avenue on July 28th & August 21st!  These camps are open to team and recreational gymnasts! 

Please let us know if you have any questions!



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