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AMKM Home Meet 2020- Volunteer & Donation Sheets

Good Morning!

We are just over a month away from our home meet- AMKM Gymnastics 2020 Keep Your Balance Invite!

We have received our largest number of registrations ever this year! We have 275 gymnasts registered from 12 teams coming from all over Wisconsin and even Arizona! We will also feature 20 of our recreational gymnasts during the Showcase Friday night of meet weekend!

We need everyone’s help to make this a successful event and fundraiser for the gym! We ask ALL AMKM Members help out with the meet, even if you are not on the competitive team! All of our members benefit from the money raised at our home meets!

We have volunteer & donation sheets set up in a Google sheet to allow easy access for everyone to see what is needed and where they can help!

Please click the link to sign up! You may need to copy & paste into your browser.

We have a Worker Sheet, Coach/ Judge Room Sheet, Concessions Sheet & Raffle Baskets Sheet.

These sheets all have their own tab within the same sheet.

You will only be able to edit the NAME column. We ask you please enter the First & Last name for the person signing up for the volunteer spot or donation item.

Once signed up, the filled spots will be locked each night. If you need to make a change, please contact us directly.

All donation items for concessions, coaches/ judges room & raffle baskets are due to either gym location no later than Wednesday, March 11th.

We will not have hard copy sheets at the gyms. If you need help signing up for items or worker spots, let us know!

Tentative Competition Schedule

Meet Set-Up: Thursday, March 12th 4pm to 8pm Friday, March 13th 8am to 1pm

Meet Clean-Up: Follows the conclusion on Session 6 at 2pm on Sunday, March 15th

AMKM Keep Your Balance Invite 2020- The Avenue 1415 West Wisconsin Street Sparta, WI


Recreational Showcase- 6pm to 8pm- Friday, March 13th

Recreational Gymnasts (20)

Session 1- 8am to 11am- Saturday, March 14th

Level 1- all ages (28)

Level 2- 7 & under (18)

Session 2- 11am to 2pm- Saturday, March 14th

Level 2- 8 & up (34)

Level 3- 8 & under (10)

Session 3- 2pm to 5pm- Saturday, March 14th

Level 3- 9 & up (45)

Session 4- 5pm to 8pm- Saturday, March 14th

Level 5- all ages (3)

Level 6- all ages (18)

Level 7- all ages (6)

Level 8- all ages (6)

Level 9- all ages (1)

Open Optional- all ages (1)

Xcel Platinum- all ages (3)

Xcel Diamond- all ages (3)

Session 5- 8am to 11am- Sunday, March 15th

Level 4- all ages (44)

Session 6- 11am to 2pm- Sunday, March 15th

Xcel Bronze- all ages (12)

Xcel Silver- all ages (14)

Xcel Gold- all ages (29)

Please let us know if you have any questions!



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