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Team Announcements 3/3

Good Afternoon!!We are just over a week away from our Home Meet!!  Please remember ALL items (concessions, coaches room, baskets, individually wrapped goodies) are due to either location no later than Wednesday, March 11th!Each Family is asked to bring 1 dozen individually wrapped goodies!Worker assignments will be assigned tomorrow.  You will be able to view these on the sheet after 12pm 3/4.If you are signed up to work or to bring items, you will receive a reminder email this week.AMKM Home Meet Volunteer/ Donation Sign Up Sheets:  We still have some spots open & Team Families who have not signed up at all!!  Please check out the sheet and fill in where you can help!  If you need help signing up- let us know!We need everyone’s help to make this a successful event and fundraiser for the gym!  We ask ALL AMKM Members help out with the meet, even if you are not on the competitive team!  All of our members benefit from the money raised at our home meets!We have volunteer & donation sheets set up in a Google sheet to allow easy access for everyone to see what is needed and where they can help!Please click the link to sign up!  You may need to copy& paste into your browser. have a Worker Sheet, Coach/ Judge Room Sheet, Concessions Sheet& Raffle Baskets Sheet.These sheets all have their own tab within the same sheet.You will only be able to edit the NAME column.  We ask you please enter the First & Last name for the person signing up for the volunteer spot or donation item.Once signed up, the filled spots will be locked each night.  If you need to make a change, please contact us directly.All donation items for concessions, coaches/ judges room & raffle baskets are due to either gym location no later than Wednesday, March 11th.We will not have hard copy sheets at the gyms.  If you need help signing up for items or worker spots, let us know!Where we need help!WorkersSession 12 adult workersSession 31 adult workersSession 43 kid workersSession 51 kid worker5 adult workersSession 71 kid worker1 adult workerConcessions9 spots for Hotdogs/ buns3 spots for Fruit bags1 spot for Candy3 spots for Water3 spots for Sunny D1 spot for Mountain Dew2 spots for Diet Dew1 spot for Pepsi1 spot for Diet Pepsi1 spot for Coke2 spots for Diet Coke1 spot for Sun DropRaffle Baskets4 spots for baskets of choiceTeam Pictures:  Team Pictures are in and are ready to be picked up at The Farm & The Avenue!Recreational Classes at The Farm:  Recreational classes at The Farm will no longer be offered effective September 1st, 2020.  We encourage you to start checking out our class options at The Avenue now!  You can make the transition between locations at any time!  www.amkmgymnastics.comLook for our 2020 Summer: The Avenue schedule soon!Meet Fees Due in February & March:  **please sign up & make payments on time**April 3-5 USAG 6-7 Regionals Minneapolis, MN USA *Required USA if qualified- 34AA at State MeetFees: Level 6 & Up- $250 Due: March 29thApril 17-19 USAG 8-10 Regionals Bettendorf, IA USA * Required USA if qualified- 34AA at State MeetFees: Level 6 & Up- $210 Due: March 29thMay 8-10 AAU Regionals Rockford, IL AAU    **We are attending!Fees: AAU- Level 1 & 2: $130 Level 3: $130 Level 4 & 5: $130 Level 6 & Up: $130 Due: March 12thJune 17-21 AAU Nationals Savannah, GA AAU  **We are attending!  If you are planning to go, let us know asap!  Registrations will close early if full- don’t wait!!(Registered: Ensley L., Brystol J., Savana N., Tessa L., Kalli G., Emma Lang., Grace G., Kendal K., Claire R., Gabby B.)All Level Meet Fee:  $300  Due: March 12thMeet Times:  *please do not be late*AMKM Keep Your Balance Invite 2020: The Avenue 1415 West Wisconsin Street  Sparta, WIFinal ScheduleFriday, March 13thRecreational Showcase- 6pm to 8pmSaturday, March 14thSession 1- Level 1: all ages, Level 2: ages 7 & under  (Avery B., Jameson C., Raelynn C., Coyah H., Brystol J., Ensley L., Maycie M., Emma M., Rylee S., Tessa L., Jaelyn P.)Open Stretch: 8:00am Awards: 11:00amSession 2- Level 2: ages 8 & up, Level 3: ages 8 & under (Hadley B., Payten C., Brenna G., Sofiya K., Jocelyn L., Savana N., Elenah S., Laney S., Charli D., Gabby K., Megan L., Zoe M.)Open Stretch: 11:00am Awards: 2:00pmSession 3- Level 3: ages 9 & up (Payten P., Kaylee S., Violet W.)Open Stretch: 2:00pm Awards: 5:00pmSession 4- Level 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Open Optional, Xcel Platinum, Xcel Diamond (Amelia B., Kendal K., Kolbi P., Marlena T., Lilly G., Claire R., Gabby B., Isabell K., Morgan S., Brooke B.)Open Stretch: 5:00pm Awards: 8:00pmSunday, March 15thSession 5- Level 4 (Kalli G., Emma Lang.)Open Stretch: 8:00am Awards: 11:00amSession 6- Xcel Gold (No AMKM Gymnasts)Open Stretch: 11:00am Awards: 1:15pmSession 7- Xcel Bronze, Xcel Silver (Grace G.)Open Stretch: 1:15pm Awards: 3:30pm2019-2020 AMKM Meet Schedule****Red AAU Required****Green USA Required*****All other meets are optional (attendance is determined based on number of gymnasts signed up)****Opt Out Fees for required meets are no longer an optionMarch 13-15 AMKM Meet Sparta, WI AAU**tentative schedule postedMarch 28-29 Rainbow Gymnastics Medford, WI AAU *Required AAU**no schedule yetMarch 27-29 USAG 6-10 State Meet Franklin, WI USA *Required USA**no schedule yetApril 3-5 USAG 6-7 Regionals Minneapolis, MN USA *Required USAFees: Level 6 & Up- $250 Due: March 29thApril 4-5 Badger State Game at Hub City Marshfield, WI AAU *Required AAU**no schedule yetApril 17-19 USAG 8-10 Regionals Bettendorf, IA USA *Required USAFees: Level 6 & Up- $210 Due: March 29thApril 17-19 AAU State Meet Holmen, WI AAU *Required AAU**no schedule yetMay 8-10 AAU Regionals Rockford, IL AAU    **We are attending!Fees: AAU- Level 1& 2: $130 Level 3: $130 Level 4 & 5: $130 Level 6 & Up: $130 Due: March 12thJune 17-21 AAU Nationals Savannah, GA AAU  **We are attending!All Level Meet Fee:  $300  Due: March 12thHotel Info:   **you can make any travel accommodations you wish, this is just the information provided for discounts with AAU.GameTime Travel is the Official Housing Bureau for the 2020 AAU Gymnastics National Championships as well as a trusted partner of the Savannah Sports Council & Visit Savannah.Please click the link below or contact us to hold a group block for your gym and book roomsOnline Booking: Phone: 866-537-4263Email: info@gametimetravel.comIf you have questions, please let us know!Thanks,Meg

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