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Team Pictures

Good Afternoon!

Team Pictures are next week!

Team Pictures are not optional. ALL Team Gymnasts are REQUIRED to be in the Large Group picture. Individual pictures are optional.

Here is the order information!

Online Ordering is the preferred method!!

You are not required to purchase photos if you are only wanting to be in the team picture with no individual shots!

From the Studio…

We're looking forward to your photo shoot at AMKM on Friday, February 7th at 5:00pm. We've created an online store so you can place your order before the photo shoot and not have to send the form or payment with your gymnast on picture day. The online store will be open until 3pm on 2/7.

When ordering online please hover over or click on the icon with the group that you'd like as part of your package (if not ordering a group, click on the "individual only" icon). You will be prompted to enter your email address. Once you do, click on "PRINTS" to view and select your package(s).

password: amkm

There are group and individual packages, individual only packages and group only packages. They are listed below for your reference. You'll find the order form attached.


PKG A1: 8x10 composite (includes individual and team) $24

PKG A2: 1-4x6 (indiv) + 1-5x7 (group) $24

PKG B1: 2-4x6, 8 wallets, 2 pin, 2 magnet buttons (indiv) + 1-5x7 (group) $44

PKG B2: 8x10 composite, 1-4x6, 8 wallets, 2 pin, 2 magnet buttons $44

PKG C1: 1-5x7 (indiv) + 1-8x10 (group) $28

PKG C2: 10x13 collage (includes individual and team) $28

PKG D1: 2-5x7, 16 wallets 2 pin, 2 magnet buttons (indiv) + 1-8x10 (group) $54

PKG D2: 10x13 composite, 1-5x7, 16 wallets, 2 pin, 2 magnet buttons $54


PKG E: 1-8x10 (indiv) $18

PKG F: 2-5x7 (indiv) $18

PKG G: 1-5x7, 2-4x6 (indiv) $18

PKG H: 1-5x7, 4 wallets (indiv) $18

PKG I: 4-4x6 (indiv) $18

PKG J: 4 wallets (indiv) $12

PKG K: 8 wallets (indiv) $18

PKG L1: 1 PIN BACK button, 2-4x6 (indiv) $18

PKG L2: 1 MAGNET BACK button, 2-4x6 (indiv) $18

PKG M: 2 keychains $12

PKG N1: 2 buttons (pin back) $13

PKG N2: 2 buttons (magnet back) $13

PKG R: Retouching $8


PKG O: 1-8x10 (group) $17

PKG P: 1-5x7 (group) $16

PKG Q: 10x20 collage $25

PKG R: 10x20 collage Framed $50 (includes frame)

(note that collages are only available in the 10x20 size)

Please give The Studio a call at the number below if you have any questions. Thank you! 608-782-1080 Sue

Team Pictures: Team Pictures are scheduled for Friday, February 7th beginning at 5pm. Large group at 6pm sharp.

Location: The Avenue 1415 W Wisconsin St Sparta, WI Photographer: The Studio

INDIVIDUAL: Begin at 5pm, will finish up after group if needed

LARGE GROUP: 6pm SHARP (AAU Team, USA Team, Coaches)

Large Group Team Picture: Full competition attire, hair is to be styled as it would be for a meet. Have your gymnast looking sharp with no flyaway hairs!! Please be mindful of undergarments as well, they may not show. Makeup is allowed but please keep is natural looking.

Individual Pictures: Hair and attire is your choice.

This is not optional. ALL Team Gymnasts are REQUIRED to be in the Large Group picture. Individual pictures are optional.

***Any High School Gymnasts who have the current AMKM Competitive Leotard are encouraged to attend if schedules allow- we hope to see you there!

Please let us know if you have any questions!



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