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Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a sport for everyone...

As a gymnastics coach, many of our waking hours are spent thinking about gymnastics, whether we are at the gym or not. I often am asked, why do love gymnastics so much? Honestly, it goes way beyond the basics of the sport itself. Obviously, it is a beautiful sport that makes some of the most difficult moves in the world look effortless, and it is one of the most highly watched Olympic sports because of its awe-inspiring choreography, but it is so much more. This sport gets in your blood because it doesn’t just teach you gymnastics, it teaches you life long lessons that transfer to anything else you could possibly want to do.


My love for gymnastics is in the flexibility and balance gymnasts learn. The ability to leap, jump, and flip four feet off the ground on four inches is amazing, but what is more amazing is the ability of that same gymnast to adjust to life’s challenges while also balancing practice with school, sleep, nutrition, family and friends. It is a real skill to manage all of this, and it is something that I see gymnasts master on a regular basis.


My love for gymnastics is in the strength and confidence that exudes from gymnasts. The skills gymnasts perform require complete body control and awareness, regardless of level. Through this, gymnasts gain confidence in knowing they are in control and I am constantly in awe of the different ways our gymnasts learn to contort their bodies to complete skills. More than their physical strength though, gymnasts are incredibly mentally strong. The sport demands a growth mindset - the constant drive to improve one’s self. Gymnasts must learn to persevere in the face of failure. They learn quickly how to fall, and then get right back up and push themselves even further. It is through this that they develop that elusive grit. Trust me, gymnasts have more grit than anyone I’ve ever met.


My love for gymnastics is in the sheer excitement on a gymnast’s face when they get a new skill, earn a new high score, place on the podium, or even win Nationals. In this sport, the gymnast is the only one in control which means their success is all up to them. This makes the sport incredibly difficult because there is no one else to rely on, but it makes the successes all the more sweet because the effort to achieve it came from within.


My love for gymnastics is in the people we meet and the places we see. You see, ultimately at the end of the journey it is not just about what skills you got, what place you got at the last meet, or what your score was. The pieces of gymnastics you truly remember are the days spent working with your teammates, coaches, and even competitors to constantly improve. You remember the places you traveled to and the people you meet along the way and these people forever stay in your network. Lifelong friendships are built at the gym and there is nothing greater than that bond.


My bias is obvious, but my love for gymnastics is the reason I think you should give it a shot. Whether you are looking to enroll your child in a competitive gymnastics program, to keep you and your little one active, or simply to help your athlete increase their strength, balance, and flexibility for other sports, we have a spot for you and your gymnast. AMKM Gymnastics is the place to build your love for the sport one flip at a time!

*Coach Amanda*

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